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This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode One Hundred and Twenty-Seven – Let Them Tell You No.


This episode was recorded at GePaDe Caffe in Chicago, IL in December 2015.

Fandom Year One: What You Wish You Knew Then: C2E2
March 18, 2016
Entering the world of comics as a new fan can be intimidating. What books should you read? Where do you shop? What cons should you attend? What super secret, handy knowledge have you acquired that you wish you knew in your Year One? Join Ladies’ Night Anthology editors Lauren Burke, Megan Byrd, Caitlin Rosberg, Summer Sparacin, along with Keidra Chaney of The Learned Fangirl, as they share the wisdom they wish someone had bestowed upon them. Number one suggestion for our younger self? Read comics sooner!

Blogging, online culture, and institutional inequality
November 11, 2015

While women-focused/feminist online publishing endeavors such as Jezebel and The Hairpin continue to grow in number and popularity, online publishing draws lower comparative salaries and start-up funding for women and people of color. I will look at the dovetailing and clashing forces that informed the development of the current online publishing environment: the utopian ethos of hacker and open source culture and the expression and subversive nature of 90′s print zine culture and early blogging. I will also look at how institutional gender and racial inequality has remained a constant element of both print and online publishing.