Please for the love of God, stop calling people in office jobs “rockstars”

If there is a trend I would kill with my bare hands if I could, it is the trend of people in the tech/startup scene calling people who work in the scene “rockstars.” I continually read job descriptions or blog posts about “rockstar coders,” “rockstar social media experts,” or – the thing that set me over the edge “rockstar content creators” and it drives me absolutely insane. I want to come after these people, bite the head off of a bat and say THIS IS WHAT ROCKSTARS DO!!! The word completely has no meaning in this realm anymore, when you have people spending 12 -14 hours a day hunched over a computer calling themselves a “rockstar.” Unless you are Trent Reznor and doing that, no you are not. Please take a seat.

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  1. Oz du Soleil says:

    Okaaaaay … what are some suggestions on a term that conveys the intent?
    Chris Penn is against ninja and guru. Coding pimp doesn’t really work.


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